We all know that market bubbles expand, and eventually burst.

The question isn’t if---it’s when.


While a financial advisor can ride the wave of an expanding market, very few are prepared to balance your portfolio when the market contracts. 

At GRIT,  our Founder, Robert Napolitano, believes that family is important. You take care of family, and open doors for their success. You protect them. Join them. And never ask them to climb the mountains of finance without a safety harness. 

Portfolio values go up, and portfolio values go down. When a bubble bursts, it's a market correction. It's the terrain of life, and the management of generational wealth. Nobody knows when a bubble will burst. Or if we're at the beginning, middle or end of a cycle.

You can't blame the terrain...But you can find better travel partners.

Who know the nuances of the terrain.

The current system asks you to climb without a safety harness. What if there was a tested and proven financial vehicle built upon the greatest minds in investing history? One that provides safety for your portfolio, and that allows you to profit when the bubble bursts? Giving you access to investment assets that most financial

advisors only read about. Built on the portfolios of the most affluent investors and families in history. Let's grow and capture tomorrow, together. 

We specialize in alternative investments, and tailor a plan for you that other brokers don’t have the ability to offer, or simply won’t.


Our 3-tiered investment model offers you:

—Two funds for high-growth investment, elevating you higher and higher.
—A safety fund to protect you and your assets.

This is not investing-as-usual. We’re on this trip together. Which is why we invest our money alongside yours, and act as your personal guide to unique investments. Investments we love that will not only grow your wealth, but give you unprecedented protection against loss.